Tretinoin Side Effects

Side Effects of Using Tretinoin

Many people who face problems related to their facial skin, normally do find it difficult to be confident. They are always thinking about what other people may be thinking about their face and this naturally makes their self esteem very low. However, when you use Tretinoin, you wont have to worry much about these skin problems.

This treatment has been FDA approved back in 1995, and it has been in the market ever since. People have felt better using it and it has led to years of research and studies on this drug. Amidst all the process, researchers have come across some side effects as well. If you are using this drug, be well aware of the side effects of Tretinoin before any further usage. In the case of topical treatments, pills and creams may not seem scary enough to cause any harm, but it is always better to be informed than face consequences later.

Getting to know Tretinoin

it is vital to know what all you can expect from using Tretinoin cream. While using this drug, a slight tingling and burning sensation is common. In case the discomfort persists, discontinue its usage and contact your doctor immediately.

The treatment plan with Tretinoin is slightly different. In the initial weeks, the usage will intensify the acne. Some might think it is making the acne worse and stop its usage, but the fact is that it is only making it intense, so that it can reduce to a greater extend.

Along with the intensifying, you may also experience some kind of redness, itching, dryness, scaling and prolonged stinging. But all this will last only for two or four weeks. If you feel Tretinoin is making your skin, excessive dry, then you could apply a daytime moisturizer.

More on this will be discussed below. However, if these symptoms persist for long, it is better to contact your doctor immediately. In most cases, doctors work on the strength of the prescription, reduce it a little bit to get rid of these effects.

Skin Problems

While using Tretinoin, the only thing hovering in peoples’ minds is the fact that it would lead to a beautiful skin. Sure, it will but imagine if it works in the opposite direction and makes it worse. It is not something that happens to all but one of the side effects is that it can happen to some people as an exception case. For them, using Tretinoin may cause burning, lumps, redness, blistering, coldness, paleness, hives, sores and tenderness.

Do not think that the existence of the above-mentioned signs will not make Tretinoin work for you. It only means that it may or may not work; this drug or for that matter any drug will work in different ways on different skin types. Therefore, contact your dermatologist as soon as possible and they would suggest better on whether to continue this drug or not.

Many a times, side effects of Tretinoin are usually due to incorrect usage of drug. If you are following the directions properly, you will be able to avoid these side effects. For instance, you should never apply cream to your wet face. Make sure you clear your face well before using Tretinoin. Dry your face well, give a gap of at least 20 minutes and then apply Tretinoin. In case you don’t, then stinging sensation is definitely guaranteed.

Bone Related Issues

While you think you are applying Tretinoin on the top of the skin, it wouldn’t affect the body inside, then you are mistaken. This drug, be it in cream or gel form can run deep into the epidermis, and this makes it affect the body on the inside. It leads to making your bones feel a bit different. There have been cases where people have felt pain in their bones, swollen joints, etc. In turn, it leads to difficulty in moving around.
If these aliments persist, it is rather important to call the doctor.

Stomach Concerns

Based on what was mentioned earlier, Tretinoin may cause some issues related to the stomach only when taken orally. In a few cases, it affects the color of the stool, making it a bit darker, blacker or even some minor bleeding. Sometimes, it may even lead to vomiting that resembles the shape of coffee grounds. This can be an indication stating that the problem is associated with consuming Tretinoin.

Another side effect could be in the form of weight problems. If you find issues related to your weight, then Tretinoin could be a cause of it.
There are plenty side effects that can be linked to Tretinoin. What you need to note is how you feel while using the drug. Anything out of the ordinary persists, do not wait, visit the doctor immediately.

Allergic Reactions

Tretinoin side effects could be drawn to individual allergic reactions to certain formulas. Medicines are made using multiple components and if either of them does not agree with you, then facing an allergic reaction is mandatory. The side effects will be noticeable and you would be able to judge if it is an allergic reaction or not.

Noticeable rashes, swollen tongue, face, throat, dizziness, breathing problems or itching, all these Tretinoin side effects can occur. Call a doctor and discuss the situation for a quick and better treatment.

Do Not Overlook the Benefits

While the discussion is only on Tretinoin side effects, this does not mean that there is nothing beneficial in this treatment. These side effects do not affect everyone, thus the decision to go ahead with Tretinoin is entirely your decision. Doctors until date, prescribe this medicine because of the wonderful results one can get from it. Based on the plenty scientific studies, many have used Tretinoin and it would only increase in numbers.

It is a well-known fact that any prescribed drug will have at least a few side effects. Therefore, having read about Tretinoin side effects should not come as a shock. Some of these side effects have a minor impact and are temporary in nature. This shouldn’t let you believe that there are no benefits or gain off of Tretinoin.

Tretinoin cream has the capacity to help your skin get rid of pimples by working on your pores, blackheads and whiteheads. It helps in producing more collagen that leads to beautiful skin, looking younger with less or no wrinkles.

What you need to understand is that Tretinoin side effects are a reality. Whether you face any or not is secondary, primarily you ought to know all about it. Being aware of them should not stop you from using it for yourself, as the pros do outweigh the cons. So do consult with your Doctor first and try it for yourself.