Tretinoin Cream, which is also known by its brand names Retrieve Cream and Retin A, is one of the most popular revitalization topical creams available on the market today. Tretinoin cream will give your skin everything it needs to look as radiant as it possibly can all year round.

Retin A

Also known by its brand name “Retrieve Cream”, this breakthrough formulation is one of the most widely sought after skin care products on the planet today, and for good reason – it flat out works exactly as advertised.

This is all now possible thanks to a uniquely designed formulation that essentially soaks your skin in a Vitamin A (and other essential nutrients), flooding your skin with all of the foundational building blocks it needs to stimulate skin-cell regeneration that reduces wrinkles, eliminates blemishes, and gives you the most beautiful and crystal clear complexion you’ve ever had.

Of course, any time you are talking about a chemical concoction like this you have to address potential side effects and drawbacks, and the formulation is not without a handful of issues you’ll want to be aware of.

Please do read the information we’ve include below and you’ll learn everything you want to know about how this amazing cream works to bring you fantastic results.

How do I know this cream is right for me?

If you’ve been looking to smooth out your complexion, completely get rid of wrinkles and laugh lines, or even “wash away” scars and other blemishes, you are going to want to look at some of the fantastic results this product has given to many happy customers.

One of only a handful of elite level skincare products out there that have been approved by the FDA to produce almost overnight results, you are going to have a fairly difficult time finding anything that comes close to offering the benefits that Retrieve cream does.

Not only are you going to be able to improve your complexion from the inside out (literally rebuilding your skin at the cellular level), but you’re also going to be able to effortlessly exfoliate and remove upper levels of your skin – levels like the epidermis – that have (over time) begun to betray you.

Tretinoin for Wrinkles

Tretinoin cream is mainly used for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. This cream is for topical use only and is used to improve the skin’s appearance by effectively reducing the number of wrinkles and lines, as well as reducing the roughness of the skin.

This cream also improves the color of the skin, through regular use, as directed by the physician.


This cream needs to be used as part of a sunlight avoidance and skincare program, which includes a moisturizer as well as an effective sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

Tretinoin is a class of medications which are classified as retinoids. These work by actually affecting the overall growth of the cells in the skin. This cream is also used to reduce the severity and number of pimples and ensures quick healing.

It is important to note though, that Tretinoin is not used to repair any sun-damaged skin. This cream is also not used to reverse any aging effects which are an after affect of excess exposure to the sun.

In the first three weeks of using Tretinoin cream for your treatment, the skin might appear irritated. Another indication that the cream is working is that the acne will first begin to get worse before it gradually starts to get better. In most cases, it might take around 12 weeks of regular use for the cream to show any improvements on the skin’s acne.

However, if the irritation becomes severe or if no changes are observed in the acne within 8 to 12 weeks of use, it is recommended to consult a doctor for further advice.

For the best effects, don’t wash the skin area to which the cream has been applied for at least one hour after application.

Also, do not use any other topical cream on the area where you have applied Tretinoin for around one hour after application, otherwise it may not work or there might be severe skin irritation and allergy.

You should also avoid using the following products on the skin area where you apply the Tretinoin Cream:

• Any topical skin product which contains a peeling agent, with sulfur, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid
• Any skin products like shaving creams and after shave lotions which contain alcohol as an ingredient
• Irritating hair products like hair removal products or permanents
• Products which cause sun sensitivity and have limes or spices
• Abrasive skin products like skin cleansers and certain cosmetics

In the first 6 months of using the cream, avoid exposing the area to extreme wind, sunlight and cold weather. While using Tretinoin for treating acne, you can however, use water based creams to alleviate the irritation in the first few weeks of use.

If you are using the cream for treating dark spots, roughness and skin wrinkling, you can use oil based creams and lotions to reduce any dryness and irritation caused in the first few weeks.

How to Apply Tretinoin Cream to the Affected Area?

To apply Tretinoin to the affected area, wash your hands thoroughly before applying the medicated cream. Carefully clean out the affected skin with a soapless or mild cleanser, and carefully pat it dry.

Then use the fingertips to apply a small amount of the cream, about the size of a pea, to the affected area. The cream should be applied in a thin layer on the skin and must be applied regularly once each day before bedtime, or according to the directions of the doctor.

A cotton swab or gauze pad can be used to apply the liquid form of the cream to the affected area. To apply certain preparations, it is recommended to wait for around 20 to 30 minutes after cleaning the face, before the medication is applied to the skin.

This medicine is for topical use only, and is not to be used on any burnt, damaged, sun-damaged and eczema affected part of the skin.

It is also recommended to use the cream as per your doctor’s advice and to consult with them in case of any issues, side effects or as needed.

Tretinoin for Acne

The cream is also great for getting rid of that abhorrent and uninvited acne.

tretinoin for acne

What is Tretinoin cream?

Retrieve cream is a chemical combination of ingredients that was formulated over a handful of decades, research that was conducted by some of the foremost researchers, experimental dermatologists, and scientists on the planet – all of which were looking for the “Holy Grail” of skincare that would allow everyone, regardless of age or anything else, to finally enjoy the kind of crystal-clear complexion they deserved.

Once scientists and medical researchers began to better understand how retinoids work (how chemicals interact with our own biochemistry to produce a handful of specific and targeted results), the floodgates really opened up and Tretinoin began to take off.

The beauty behind this specific solution is that it floods your skin with absolutely everything you need to look years younger without anything but this topical cream.

That means you’ll never have to worry about going under the knife, you’ll never have to worry about fooling around with prescription drugs that you have to ingest, and you’ll always be in complete and total control over how quickly – or how safely – you begin to enjoy the results that only Retin A cream can produce

Are there any side effects?

Because we are most definitely talking about a prescription drug here, and one that your general practitioner and a licensed dermatologist is going to have to sign off on before you can begin to take advantage of it, you have to understand and technology that there are a few side effects you may have to fight off.

Retrieve cream

Thankfully these side effects are very, very mild in comparison, and you shouldn’t have too terribly much to worry about when you decide to go forward with this solution.

Side effects may include:

• An irritation and redness of the skin where the cream has been applied to
• Itching and burning sensations (very, very mild) across the body
• Issues with “thin-skinned” – but usually only while using retrieve cream or shortly after application
• Skincare breakouts and blemishes including zits, blackheads, and whiteheads
• Nausea, dizziness, and other more serious conditions which only present themselves in very rare situations

The odds are pretty good that you’ll never have to worry about much side effects impacting your life negatively, but you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for these in case you begin to present some of the symptoms described above.

If you do begin to present any of these symptoms, immediately discontinue use of the cream and speak with a trusted medical professional or your dermatologist as quickly as possible.

Does Tretinoin actually work?

You had better believe it does. As mentioned above, Retrieve cream is only one of a few handful of skincare prescription solutions that have been given the full stamp of approval from the FDA.

You are going to be able to rely on this product to provide you with the results it promises, and should have to deal with any of the side effects that it may possibly produce – provided that you use this solution exactly as directed and exactly as intended.


All things considered, you aren’t going to have to worry about skin imperfections that much longer if you decide to move forward with tretinoin cream.

It definitely lives up to expectations and if you’ve always wanted to enjoy a beautiful and blemishes free complexion, it’s going to become one of your best allies.